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Holey Brewed Reviews Fusion’s Cannabis Coffee Blends

We can extol the bold and original flavour notes of each Fusion Coffee blend as much as we want, but that comes across as biased (and it is).

So, we took on the @holeybrewed test from the respected Toronto coffee critics to get their opinions on our three signature gourmet weed coffee blends – Adventure, Coasting, and High Energy.

Here’s how the #BrewedCrew scored our cannabis coffee blends:

SCORE = 8.43 / 10

*Clapping hands* Props to @fusioncoffeebeans for being the first coffee roaster to take the #HBChallenge. It takes guts to take us on as we are a tough critic but if you believe in your product then why not? Fusion talked the talk and we can now confirm that they can walk the walk.

We tried THREE of their roasts and have awarded an average score of 8.43… impressive! The three roasts we tried were; Adventure, Coasting, and High Energy. Of all three roasts, High Energy was our favourite!

Here is the evaluation of each:

Adventure – we suggest taking this coffee with you for a morning hike as it had a smooth body with an earthy but subtle sweetness. We were able to taste some acidity but this should be the case as the flavour profile has orange peel, gooseberry, and citrus.

Coasting – to us this is a dessert coffee as it has a rich flavour. We were able to taste the sweet richness of chocolate and honey. We found this roast heavier than the others which would make sense due to the flavour profile. The aftertaste had a long smooth presence which we really enjoyed.

High Energy – this roast was well balanced all around which is why it was our favourite. We suggest drinking this coffee on a daily basis for your morning pick-me up or pre-workout for the gym! This roast had a very smooth balance with a medium body and medium acidity. The flavour notes we recognized were citrus fruits as well we tasted the sweetness of brown sugar!


For those interested in Fusion Coffee, their beans are 100% Single Origin, washed with a rating of 85%-88% grade, which makes it a specialty coffee. Fusion Coffee have partnered with 20 family owned coffee farmers in South America, who grow and harvest on high altitude micro -lots. These coffee fields are situated near Pineapple, Lemon, Orange, Cacao and Sugar Cane fields, which makes the soil rich in fruity flavours.

Fusion is creating a new coffee culture for the cannabis lifestyle. They believe there is a perfect pairing between their roasts and different cannabis strains. Fusion coffee does not contain THC and it would be at the users discretion to infuse or pair accordingly.

Shout out to Holey Brewed for taking the time to review our coffee products!

Now do yourself a favour and see what the hype is about – Fusion cannabis coffee grounds and beans are available for purchase today!