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Leafly Rolls Canada’s Biggest Joint

Get your Cheetos and boxes of stale cereal ready: To celebrate 4/20, Leafly, the world’s largest cannabis information resource, has rolled Canada’s largest legal joint, and it’s a sight to behold.

Keeping it Legal

Not wanting to break any laws, Leafly kept within the personal possession limits set out by the Cannabis Act for recreational cannabis, which declares the maximum amount of dried cannabis that any of-age individual can possess at one time is 30 grams. So, they bought 30 grams of weed, costing them a total of almost $400 dollars.


Once they unwrapped the packaging, they set to work grinding the dried buds and rolling the biggest possible legal joint.

A Foot-Long Joint?!

After 45 minutes of work and some trial and error, the Leafly team managed roll a “four-paper, foot-long doob!”

We are proud of our Canadian friends’ noble craftsmanship. Even though the joint didn’t break any international records, (see Beantown Greentown’s skinny 120 feet long joint in Boston and Stone Road Farms’ $24,000, 30-inch, 1.5 pound joint in LA), it’s still hella impressive, and it warmed our hearts to hear that they shared it with their family and friends in traditional puff-puff-pass fashion.