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    Cross the Coasting: High-quality Indica weed coffee blend - 8oz


    Conventional wisdom states that you should avoid drinking coffee after 5pm. At Fusion Coffee, we defy convention with our rich evening blend, Coasting.

    Made to be fused or paired with indica weed strains for that sweet, solipsistic indica high, Coasting makes for aromatic CBD-infused coffee that stands among the best edibles for sleep.

    The Transcendent High Of Indica Weed Strains

    While sativa provides a stereotypical high defined by lethargic energy and, of course, the munchies, indica weed strains provide a much more introspective, relaxing body high that’s perfect for unwinding after a long day.

    Combined in CBD-infused coffee, indica weed’s effects create a soothing, aesthetic experience perfect for evening walks, a post-dinner respite, or late nights staring up at the stars.

    The Best Coffee Beans and Grounds for The Best CBD-Infused Coffee

    Farmed from micro lots in the highest altitudes of South America, our evening blend features dark chocolatey notes that underscore indica weed strains’ sweetness.

    Because we only order our beans and grounds on demand, they always arrive fresh and moist, ready to be paired or fused into aromatic CBD-infused coffee that elevates the taste and soothing effects of your favourite indica weed strains.

    This product does not contain CBD. CBD oil is sold separately.

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    Need help winding down after a long day? CBD-infused indica coffee is among the best edibles for sleep. Order 8oz of our Coasting blend online today to experience the effects first hand. We also offer 32oz bulk orders for commercial enterprises.

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