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Canada’s First Cannabis-Friendly Golf Course to Open on 4-20

Canada’s first 420 following the legalization of recreational cannabis is just around the corner, and Gordon Weiske, a Toronto-based investor, is celebrating the universally-recognized cannabis holiday by opening Canada’s first cannabis-friendly golf course.

Come Roll with Us

Taking over the ownership of what was previously called Lombard Glen Golf and Country Club, Weiske has declared that it won’t be just cannabis-friendly, cannabis will be encouraged. The golf course’s name, located in Smiths Falls, is changing to Rolling Greens, with a new tagline “Come roll with us.” The course plans on partnering with licensed producers who can sponsor and create themes for their own holes.

Rolling Greens won’t be selling cannabis, as the Ontario government has issued the last of its 25 cannabis retail licenses, but golfers can bring their own and enjoy it on the golf course and around the property.

Private golf courses in Canada can set their own consumption rules, meaning that individual clubs can choose to allow drinking and smoking on the green.

“The rules are you can enjoy cannabis wherever smoking is allowed,” says Weiske, “Out there on Rolling Greens, we’ll be able to enjoy a smoke [of marijuana] and a few rounds.”

“We’re Going to Be Like the Las Vegas of Cannabis”

Rolling Green’s 420 opening will be a soft launch, but Weiske plans for it to be “more than just a golf course,” with talk of “expanding the 164 acres to have an age-gated, 19+ entertainment park where there’ll be mini-putt, there’ll be virtual reality games, there will probably be a drive-in movie theatre.”

Weiske has high hopes that the course will become a major tourist destination and help boost Smith Falls’ economy, which has struggled since the 2008 closure of the Hershey’s Co. chocolate factory. “Estimates right now are anywhere between 250,000 to half a million tourists are going to start flocking to Smiths Falls,” he says.

If Weiske plans come to fruition, Rolling Greens will be the greenest golf course there’s ever been.