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    Get through the 9-to-5 with our Adventure hybrid weed coffee blend - 8oz


    Getting through the week can often feel like a marathon. Between meeting deadlines, keeping track of bills, and coping with your commute, sometimes you just need a break. A moment to forget the chaos and indulge yourself so you can face the gamut refreshed and ready to rumble.

    Our Adventure gourmet coffee beans and grounds are tailor-made to provide you with that moment of calm in the storm by pairing or fusing perfectly with hybrid weed strains for a fast, energizing coffee high. Whether you want to enjoy a cup of hybrid weed-infused cannabis coffee or simply want to enjoy coffee and a joint on your lunch break, our Adventure blend can be experienced at anytime in your busy schedule.

    Hybrid Weed Effects: Coffee Highs Without The Lows

    Hybrid weed strains exist between the poles of sativa vs. indica, but they can range from high-energy to low-energy, from CBD-leaning to THC-leaning. It’s important for you to discuss with your budtender what strains provide the experience you’re looking for, but our earthy, subtly sweet Adventure blend pairs and fuses well with the aromatic taste profile of the most popular hybrid weed strains. Our gourmet coffee beans and grounds also fuse effortlessly with CBD oils and hemp oils, and hemp powder, too.

    Generally, hybrid strains tend to exist at the midpoint between sativa vs. indica, providing a mellow high that’s neither over-energetic nor drowsy. It’s a great option for a safe, afternoon pick-me-up, and perfect for enjoying with our Fusion coffee!

    Hybrid Weed Coffee You Can Count On

    Grown in high-altitude micro lots in South America, our 100% Arabica coffee beans and grounds are always fresh thanks to our on-demand ordering system. We work with our farmers to create flavour profiles you won’t find anywhere else, like our Adventure’s mix of honey and earthy tones.

    This product does not contain CBD. CBD oil is sold separately.

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    Order 8oz of our Adventure daytime coffee beans online today. We also offer 32oz bulk packages for commercial entities like coffee shops and cafes. Take a break and take a breath with our gourmet weed coffee beans.

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