At first glance, cannabis and coffee seem like polar opposites. One energizes, and the other calms. But like many opposites, they can achieve amazing things when combined.

CBD-infused coffee, or cannabis coffee, blends the energy and rich taste of coffee with the creative spirit and sensuality of weed for an experience that’s both aesthetic and restorative.

At Fusion Coffee Beans, we specialize in providing astute consumers of caffeine and cannabinoids with the perfect coffee beans to fuse or pair with their cannabis, CBD oil, or hemp oil products of choice. Whether you brew CBD-infused coffee or hemp infused coffee every morning, or are just looking for high-quality blends that complement the occasional smoke, we have the perfect beans for you.

Our beans offer more than just “weed Coffee”

Our gourmet coffee beans are 100% Arabica and are sourced from small farms in the highest altitudes of South America. We work with each of our farmers to cultivate uniquely flavoured coffee beans that complement different weed strains.

From rich, earthy blends that balance the sweetness and laid-back chill of indica strains, to fruity, lemony blends that accentuate the energetic high of sativa, we have endless roast combinations to suit any mood or situation.

Because we only order based on demand, our gourmet coffee beans are always fresh and rich in aroma and moisture, unlike their mass-produced cousins. When you open a bag of Fusion Coffee Beans, you’re opening a full sensory experience tailored for exquisite taste, and an exquisite high.

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Our High-quality weed coffee beans come to you straight from our South American farms, ready to be paired and fused with your favourite strains and oils.