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CBD Cocktails As an Alcohol-Free Alternative

There is no shortage of information about alcohol being bad. From long-term studies about the effects of alcohol consumption on our livers, blood pressure, internal organs and overall nervous system, to fatal incidents of alcohol poisoning, alcohol-free alternatives are gaining in popularity. 

Alcohol vs. Cannabis 

Alcohol causes dehydration while aggravating our internal organs and stomach. Once alcohol enters our system, it tells our body to immediately produce a significant amount of acid which leads to unrestful sleep, increased inflammation and uncomfortable hangovers. As opposed to alcohol which upsets our bodies and internal organs once consumed, cannabis drinks and THC-infused beverages do not cause hangovers as they do not contain any alcohol. 

What To Know About Drinking Cannabis:

When drinking cannabis for medical reasons for improved well-being, there are several factors to keep in mind. Understanding your body and the dose of CBD within your beverage is necessary. When making the swap from alcoholic beverages to a cannabis-infused drink or nonalcoholic cocktail, start slow. Stick to your regular dosage of cannabis or lower and ease into it. Ensure that you are sticking to our recipe guidelines and that you enjoy your cannabis-infused cocktail in a safe environment. 

How Cannabis Is Infused Into Drinks: 

Now that we’ve covered the benefits of switching from alcohol to CBD-infused cocktails to improve your health and steer clear of hangovers, here are some ways that cannabis is infused into beverages. 

Cannabis-infused bitters: Those beautiful jars of fragrant bitters that mixologists carefully craft to compose alcoholic cocktails can also be made from cannabis-infused bitters! Bitters are made by infusing botanicals, spices and aromatic roots that are added to drinks in dashes to add flavour. 

Cannabis syrup or cream: The lecithin in dairy increases your body’s ability for absorption, which makes cannabis creams and milks a popular option for consuming cannabis-infused beverages. 

Cannabis oils and tinctures: These concentrated liquids are small but mighty, we recommend using a single drop to start your Cannabis-infused beverage sipping. 
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