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Should You Have Coffee On An Empty Stomach?

From the perfect bite of your favourite chocolate bar to enjoying an alcoholic beverage over dinner with friends, we make time to enjoy our vices. Amongst delicious desserts and celebratory drinks, a vice many enjoy daily is their morning cup of coffee

Like most things, a healthy balance makes us feel at ease. Regardless of the vice, we are indulging in, knowing the optimal way to treat our bodies and enjoy consumption brings improved well-being and peace of mind. After hitting the alarm and waking up from a restful sleep, here is some information about the optimal time to enjoy and consume your CBD coffee to feel your best all day long. 

How To Plan The Perfect Cup of Coffee For Your Day

Many have questions about the best time of day to drink coffee, from concerns about stomach issues to wanting to ensure you have a great night of sleep, here is how to plan your coffee consumption based on your lifestyle. 

Consider Your Macro and Caloric Goals

One cup of coffee contains 5 calories and the consumption of coffee can decrease feelings of hunger while suppressing your appetite. When planning your first coffee of the day and making the decision to pair your freshly brewed cup of coffee with a meal, consider your dietary needs and nutritional goals. 

To ensure that you are benefiting from the antioxidants and other disease-fighting elements within caffeine while fueling your body for success, having a meal plan that includes complex carbohydrates, proteins and nutritious leafy greens is essential. To balance the energy that caffeine can produce, plan your coffee around your calorie goals for your morning meal. 

Utilize How Your Body Absorbs Caffeine To Your Advantage 

Coffee is absorbed in the body within 45 minutes of consumption. Having your first coffee of the day on an empty stomach can increase your absorption levels. Depending on how caffeine affects you, here is how you can optimize your first cup of the day. 

If you crave the refreshing sip of a warm cup of coffee to start your day, but find that your body is jittery afterwards, having a meal before your coffee will slow down how your body absorbs the caffeine. 

Alternatively, if you do not experience jittery feelings from caffeine and crave feelings of alertness and energy first thing in the morning, having your cup of coffee before indulging in the breakfast of your choice is a great solution.
Indulging in a cup of coffee provides a variety of health and nutritional benefits. By customizing your coffee consumption to navigate the effects that caffeine has on you, focusing on calories, absorption and meals is a strategic plan for success. For more information on coffee and CBD, contact us today!