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I Have Cannabis and a Grinder. Now What?

If CBD-infused coffee is your first foray into the world of cannabis, then you’ve likely never seen a grinder before, let alone used one.

You’ve been told that you should probably buy one, and so you have, but now you don’t know what to do with it. We’ll break it down for you.

There are Three Sections of a Cannabis Grinder

Each section serves a purpose. At the bottom, there’s a chamber called the kief catcher that saves all of the crystal kief so you can use it later. (It’s more potent and works well in edibles.)

In the middle, there’s a mesh basket that catches the ground cannabis buds as they fall through the grinding chamber.

The grinding chamber is the bit with blades that does the actual grinding. The lid attaches to this part where there’s often a magnet that keeps everything secure while you grind.

How to Use a Cannabis Grinder

If you’re hoping to make your own CBD oil to infuse with your coffee, the first step is to grind your preferred strain of marijuana. This is how you do it.

  1. Remove the lid, then use your fingers to break the buds up into pieces that fit in between the blades. (Don’t put anything in the direct middle; it won’t get shredded there.)
  2. Replace the lid and turn it until the entire bud has fallen through the holes. Taking off the lid and tapping it against the side of the grinder will help loosen any pieces that are stuck.
  3. Unscrew the grinding chamber to reveal the basket holding your freshly ground cannabis.
  4. Remove the basket and use a piece of paper or scraping tool to scrape out the kief that has collected at the bottom.
  5. Keep your grinder from getting sticky by cleaning it on a regular basis. Rub it with isopropyl alcohol and salt. You can use a small brush to get the kief off the screen.

Viola! You are now one step closer to homemade CBD oil that you can infuse into coffee made with our gourmet, high-altitude coffee beans. Order your perfect coffee beans today!