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Enjoying Coffee and Cannabis Together

Coffee and cannabis pair up perfectly, and coffee’s bitterness balancing the flavours of cannabis on a sensory level isn’t the only cause – it’s science.

Deeper chemical reactions go to work when these morning essentials join forces to provide energy, creativity, and productivity for your day.

Since marijuana legalization in its infancy in Canada and most parts of the world, there isn’t piles of studies on the topic of coffee and weed, but there’s one study worth noting. In a 2014 study, squirrel monkeys addicted to THC were given different drugs that mimicked the receptor-blocking properties of caffeine, and were then allowed to take THC to their heart’s content.

We won’t get into the nitty-gritty of the study, but they gleaned that cannabis counterbalances the receptor-blocking properties of caffeine, preventing the once-inevitable coffee ‘crash’. Combining the alertness of coffee with the euphoria of cannabis, therefore, translates to a prolonged, non-sleepy state of awareness and focus.

What about Coffee and Weed Anxiety?

Let’s be real – you, like us, enjoy a joint and espresso not because of science, but because of your own heuristic research. The stimulant and depressant work together like Key and Peele, plus it stretches out the cannabis stash, too.

But, novice smokers may feel anxiety creep up post-joint, even with a reassuring cup of coffee in hand. Here are some ways to best enjoy coffee and cannabis together:

Hybrid strains

The spectrum of achievable highs are broad thanks to the range of indica and sativa strains. If you’re looking for a strain to go with your cup of Joe, consider a hybrid one.

Hybrid strains offer the best of indica’s calm and satvia’s energy. We actually source both gourmet coffee beans and grounds that pair with your favourite hybrid strains for the ultimate wake-and-bake experience.

Create a morning ritual

Morning rituals will get you in the right mindset as soon as you hit the alarm on your iPhone. With a ritualistically planned morning – roll a joint, brew your coffee, put on deodorant – you’ll feel more at ease with the familiarity, allowing you to enjoy your quiet reprieve before work.

Make an espresso

While an espresso isn’t any more potent than coffee due to the smaller dosage, a high intensity shot of caffeine will immediately get those receptor-blocking properties working, helping you manage weed anxiety. The stronger effects of each sip will aid in managing cannabis dosages steadily and effectively.

To truly reap the benefits of weed and coffee, you’ll need coffee beans and grounds specifically sourced to complement your favourite strains of cannabis or CBD oils. Visit our online canna-cafĂ© and shop for a variety of gourmet weed coffee blends.