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CBD Oil for Muscle Recovery: Is it Effective?

Every once in a while, when you hit the gym a little too hard, the gym hits you back.

You know the feeling: your muscles are tense and sore, your legs feel like Jell-O, and you get the sinking feeling that you may never be able to move again. Instead of reaching for the icepack and hoping for the best, could CBD oil be the muscle recovery remedy you’re looking for?

We know that the benefits of CBD oil can aid a plethora of bodily functions and conditions, but is it worth introducing to your post-workout routine?

Here’s what we know:

CBD Oil Has Amazing Anti-Inflammatory Properties

Studies conducted by the World Health Organization (WHO) have shown that CBD’s anti-inflammatory properties are far from a placebo. As we know, many-a-time inflammation is what’s causing tension in the first place. In fact, the same study suggests that cannabidiol (CBD) is proven to relieve muscle tension as well.

CBD is an All-Natural Solution

Although we’ve been conditioned to reach for Tylenol or Advil whenever we’re in pain, these medications aren’t entirely risk-free. After extensive use, OTC pain relievers can be straining, or even damaging to your gastrointestinal system, thinning your blood and deteriorating your liver- but we’re not here to discuss that!

CBD oil, on the other hand, is a great all-natural alternative to OTC medications.

Cannabidiol is an Effective Sleep-Aid

As the saying goes, “sleep is the best medicine”, – or maybe it was laughter – but let’s face it, you’re too sore for that. Either way, sleep is one of the greatest remedies for soreness. While you rest, your body produces muscle-building hormones and repairs your achey body. Often times, however, the pain can be so bad that it can be difficult to even get to sleep. CBD oil can definitely help. Taken orally before bed, it not only works to get you to sleep faster, but it also improves the quality of your sleep, allowing the muscle recovery process to start.

So, is it worthwhile to give CBD oils a try as part of your post-workout routine? Why don’t you give it a shot and let us know? Start by trying one of our CBD oils.