Fusion Coffee Beans News

Fusion Coffee’s Online Canna-Café is Open for Business!

Caffeine and cannabis aficionados, your prayers have been answered.

Fusion Coffee Beans is bringing ‘high’ quality coffee blends that fuse or pair with your favorite CBD oils and cannabis strains, respectively, to your doorstep! You can now order our unique coffee blends, made to elevate your cannabis experience, with our on-demand online ordering from the comfort of home.

Our gourmet coffee beans and grounds are 100% Arabica, sourced from the highest altitude micro-lots in South America. These artisanal blends offer distinct flavour notes to complement different weed strains; our rich, earthy blends balance the sweet and laid-back chill of indica strains, while our fruity, lemony blends accentuate the energetic high of sativa.

Whether you brew CBD-infused coffee every morning, or are simply looking for high-quality coffee that complements the occasional smoke, we have the perfect blends for you.

Visit our online canna-café now!