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Complement Your CBD-Infused Coffee with Healthy Munchies for Stoners

When the munchies strike, you don’t have to turn to that box of stale cereal or raw package of Mr. Noodles. Satisfying that bottomless-pit of a stomach of yours with classic stoner snacks like Doritos or pizza rolls throughout the night all but guarantees a subsequent morning of shame.

Curb those hunger pangs with these guilt-free healthy munchies for stoners that perfectly pair with a revitalizing cup of CBD-infused coffee or weed coffee:

Ants on a Log

An elementary school favourite, this is the one time you won’t want to trade your ants on a log for your buddy’s Jos Louis.

Celery’s fiber content helps you feel satiated, and the peanut butter maintains fullness for longer stretches. The raisins provide a hint of sweet that’s a must-have for stoners, especially when paired with your cup of cannabis or CBD-infused coffee.

You could swap the raisins for chocolate chips, but we’ve seen countless tokers lose their dignity when a bag of chocolate is unsealed.

Avocado Toast

Satisfy your munchies with this hipster gem that’s loaded with healthy fats and antioxidants. Avocado toast can be simple, or you can go full Gordon Ramsay and pile on the fruits, herbs, and even eggs.

Plus, you’ll have the most popular social media post of the day if you snap a pic of your avocado toast with your cup of weed coffee. How millennial.


If you’re craving some crunch, lightly-salted popcorn is a nutritious alternative to chips and cheesies. As an added bonus, you won’t get Cheetos dust all over your fingers and pants.

Store-bought brands are acceptable, but steer clear of flavoured options that pack the calories and sugar, like kettle corn. We suggest popping our own kernels over the stove or in a popper, as you can substitute butter for something healthier such as olive oil, or even truffle oil for you fancy pants out there.

Now that you’ve got your healthy munchies food ideas, you’ll need something to wash it down with (no one likes cotton mouth). Try our gourmet cannabis coffee blends, made to be fused or paired with your favourite CBD oils and cannabis strains!