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Cannabis Edibles Should Be Available Come Christmas

As dispensary numbers keep increasing and the public settles in to legalization, the action continues to ramp up.

While the process itself has been kept under wraps, the government has been working tirelessly on preparing for the next phase of legalization in Canada.

As early as October 17, 2019, we could start seeing signs of the roll-out, with products promising to hit the stores in mid-December, just in time for a green Christmas.

So, what exactly is coming? We don’t know for sure, but a few details are available.

Cannabis Edibles

Perhaps the most anticipated of the coming changes, marijuana candies, baked goods, and other edibles are making their way to the Canadian market.


In the initial phase at least, these products will be heavily regulated. There will be strict rules regarding packaging, ingredients, THC content limits, and the like. Unlike the States, Canadian edible companies will not be allowed to design colourful packaging that is reminiscent of children’s candy, for the exact reason that the government is not looking to entice underage kids to buy edibles.

Cannabis Topicals

A selection of topicals could be hitting the market shortly after, if not simultaneously with edibles.


Marijuana salves, lotions, creams, rubs, and the like, will be coming to store shelves near you. With research still expanding in this area, THC-infused topicals are being used by many to treat an array of symptoms. Commonly used to relieve muscle soreness, localized pain, and inflammation, cannabis topicals could also prove useful for common stressors such as headaches, cramping, itching, dermatitis and a number of other ailments. As with all alternative medicines, there is lots of room for clinical trials and research.

Cannabis Extracts

For those in the Canadian market that are looking for an alternative to smoking, the prospect of cannabis oils, tinctures and extracts is an exciting one. Not only does this category not affect the lungs, but it is more compact, requires less product to get the desired effect, and comes with its own set of benefits.


With all of these changes and more, this is a very exciting time for the cannabis industry. This is only the beginning, and we can’t wait to see what’s in store (literally).

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