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5 Unique Uses for Coffee Grounds

After brewing cup after cup of your favourite coffee, you’re left with a caffeine buzz and a heap of used coffee grounds.

Most people toss their coffee grounds in the trash without a second thought, but if you’re the economic type, you can actually reuse or repurpose them in shrewd ways you’d never think of.

These are five ways we use our used up Fusion coffee grounds.

As an exfoliant/body scrub

Save on the expensive skincare products from Sephora. Coffee grounds’ coarse texture and acidic content combine for the perfect body scrub. Coffee scrubs are very on-trend right now, too.

You can easily make you own coffee body scrub with a few simple household ingredients mixed in a mason jar:

  • 3 tbsp used coffee grounds
  • 1 tbsp natural oil (coconut, grapeseed, almond)
  • 1 tbsp brown sugar

It won’t leave you smelling like mint, but hey, it works.

As fertilizer

Following your face/skin, compost bins and gardens are the best homes for used coffee grounds. They’re rich in nitrogen, which worms love, meaning the more you have, the more likely worms will hang around (worms are excellent for soil).

The magnesium, calcium, potassium, and other vitamins and minerals in coffee grounds make them excellent fertilizers, too. Spread them throughout your garden in between seasons.

As pest repellant

Used coffee grounds’ acidity and aroma are a 1-2 knockout punch for ankle-biting pests. You can keep ant colonies at bay by spreading a 2-inch thick line of coffee grounds around vulnerable areas of your home.

You can also keep snails and slugs from eating your prized garden by spreading the used grounds around your plants.

Fleas can be purged from your pets by making a coffee ground wash – just make sure to do it outside!

As a deodorizer

Coffee grounds absorb all the odors around them. (On a side note, this is why you should always seal your coffee bags; otherwise they’ll taste like a hodge-podge of the odors nearby them.)

The best deodorizer application for used coffee grounds is putting them in a shallow jar, and into the back of your fridge (step aside, Arm & Hammer). Used coffee grounds obviously won’t mask the stench of rotten or spoiled food, but will add some freshness to your fridge.

As a de-icer

This last one is for our fellow Torontonians out there. Once the annual snowfall hits and the sleet and ice piles up, used coffee grounds makes for a great budget de-icer.

Used coffee grounds work in a similar way as salt. The nitrogen content is a known ice destroyer, and coffee grounds are abundant in the element. They can also create friction that reduces chances of slipping and falling and embarrassing oneself.

The best part: Unlike salt, coffee grounds are ‘green’, meaning they won’t impact the environment or your asphalt driveway.

Before you can get creative with all these ways to use grounds, you’ll need the coffee first. Check out our selection of bold, gourmet coffee grounds sourced from micro-lots in South America.