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CBD is the Next Big Thing in Male Grooming

GQ is talking about it, Forbes is raving about it, Esquire is shouting it from the rooftops – CBD grooming products are at the top of everyone’s list when it comes to male grooming these days.

So what exactly is happening in the world of CBD grooming at the moment? Pretty much everything you can think of.

CBD Soap and Shampoo

cbd-grooming-productsAs you browse the soap and shampoo aisles in your local health & beauty shops, you might start to notice CBD making its way higher on the ingredient list.

Much like its hippie cousin hemp, many feel that CBD makes a good addition to their shower regiment. Hemp oil and CBD oil are both non-comedogenic, meaning they won’t clog your pores or leave your skin feeling oily.

Between that and CBD oil’s anecdotal benefits for hair follicles and promoting hair growth, it’s no wonder more people are keeping CBD soap and shampoo on their shower shelves.

CBD Beard Oil

Beard oils are having a moment right now, and when you throw some CBD in the mix, the popularity goes through the roof.

A lot of men are adding CBD to their beard oil for many of the same reasons that it’s in their shampoo. Men are switching over to beard oil in general because it helps to relieve the burning sensation that comes with consistent shaving. From itchiness to redness and puffiness, beard oil can help soothe your sore face.

One additional benefit of throwing cannabidiol in the mix is its anti-inflammatory properties, which can help keep some of those nasty symptoms at bay.

CBD Salve and Muscle Relief Rub

fusion-cbd-intense-relief-rubMore and more athletes are introducing CBD products into their pre- and post-workout routine. While muscle rubs and salves have been popular for quite some time, ones infused with CBD are fairly new to the game.

While we can’t tout that they’ll help improve your performance or reduce muscle soreness and pain, many athletes are picking up CBD muscle rubs, and they don’t seem to be putting them down.

CBD Body Lotion

Whether you live somewhere cool and dry or dusty and hot, moisturizing is a male grooming essential.

As an organic ingredient, CBD is a natural fit in men’s body and face lotions. Especially when it comes to sensitive skin, it’s important that whatever you apply will do your body’s largest organ good. Instead of specialized products, try sticking with your favorite lotion and dripping in some CBD oil. That way you can control the dosage until you find the optimal levels for yourself.

There are thousands of ways to bring a little CBD in to your male grooming routine, how will you be introducing it?

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