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The Benefits Of Coffee And Working Out

Finding the energy and motivation to workout can be difficult for many. For those of us who are busy with work, kids, and just everyday life, that time we save for movement can suddenly feel daunting. You may have heard of enjoying a pre-workout drink prior to your workout. Pre-workout can spike your energy levels and give you the motivation you are lacking. However, they are usually full of ingredients your body doesn’t actually need, and often contain more caffeine than you need, which can be dangerous.

Instead, many individuals are relying on coffee as their pick-me-up prior to working out. In the same way it gives you a morning jolt, a small cup can also give you a jolt of energy to start your workout. There are also many benefits of coffee and working out, and we combine these benefits with the benefits of our CBD products.

To start, note that it’s best to consume 3-6 milligrams for every kilogram of your body – this includes our CBD blends. The means about 2-4 cups of coffee a day.

Here are a few of the benefits coffee has when you drink it before a workout, plus the combined benefits of our CBD blend:

  1. Increases your aerobic power and endurance
  2. Improves your speed
  3. Gives your strength a boost
  4. Reduced muscle pain
  5. Improves your mood

We also want to share why drinking our Fusion CBD Coffee can also benefit your workout in addition to the points above.

  • Lowers inflammation
    Taking CBD coffee prior to working out is a great way to treat chronic inflammation to avoid causing more damage. It’s a natural option for treating inflammation.
  • Helps with muscle recovery
    You know you’ve had a great workout if you feel some soreness after. However, that soreness can often keep up from training/working out sooner. Have a cup of CBD coffee prior to your workout can help lower pain and inflammation. As a result…you can minimize your recovery time.
  • Improves focus 
    We all focus better after a coffee. But did you know CBD promotes an overall well-being by improving your mental health? This means that when you enjoy a cup of CBD coffee prior to your workout, you will focus much better, which in turn, will improve your workout.

After reading this, you might already be pitching your pre-workout in the trash. CBD coffee has added benefits to get you the best workout. On warmer days, try having an iced CBD coffee so you can stay cool before working out. Learn more about getting fit with CBD products.