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How To Reduce Coffee Consumption From 5 Cups A Day To 1 Using CBD for Energy

The average American coffee drinker drinks just over 3 cups per day. But as someone reading this, you might be thinking, “wow, I drink several more cups than that.” While enjoying a cup of coffee each day can be considered harmless, drinking more than one is not so great. If you frequently have half a dozen cups of coffee or more a day, you could be setting yourself up for some serious health complications, a study in The American Journal of Clinical Nutrition reports.

How To Reduce Your Caffeine Intake?

So, how can you kick your habit and reduce your coffee consumption down to one cup a day? Many are turning to CBD as an alternative source of energy and a coffee replacement. CBD comes in many forms and with its wide use, there are lots of CBD formats for everyone. 

First, let’s look at HOW CBD can help with energy and alertness. According to researchers (and please note, research is still being done on this subject) CBD affects the sensations we feel in our bodies by upregulating our endocannabinoid system. Rather than speeding everything up like caffeine does, CBD can help bring a sluggish body back into balance! 

CBD can also help with our alertness. CBD modulates the transmission of serotonin. Serotonin is responsible for keeping your mood, energy, and focus at optimum levels. The right CBD product can be great for amplifying energy and keeping you focused…without the crash.

Knowing this, you can start using Fusion CBD Products to replace your cups of coffee.

What CBD Products To Use To Replace Coffee

Fusion CBD Products offers a wide variety of CBD products that can be used for different needs. In the case of replacing your coffee, products that promote energy are best to explore. Here are some we recommend:

Full Spectrum CBD Oil (100mg)

This particular oil promotes harmony and body of mind, supports hormone balance, and can help relieve stress and anxiety (unlike coffee, which often promotes stress and anxiety). Use up to 30 drops a day. Add it to your water, decaf coffee, smoothies, etc. 

CBD Sports Drinks (6 pack)

Fusion hemp CBD water has added electrolytes and our proprietary blend of olive oil, sunflower lecithin, hemp oil extract, potassium sorbate, vitamin E, and citric acid. These ingredients combine for an energizing CBD mineral water/sports drink that boosts muscle recovery, improves mental clarity, and battles inflammation, helping you train harder and smarter. Interacting with the ECS, CBD acts as an adaptogen, knowing what your body needs and providing the right response, whether that’s calming the mind or recovering from exhaustion. It’s a great alternative to coffee. 

Energy and Focus Softgels (20mg CBD +10mg CBG)

If the taste of coffee triggers your want for more, replace your morning cup of coffee with an Energy and Focus Softgel. What’s important to know about this product is that it does contain caffeine. So if you’re already having a cup a day and you’re trying to kick any other caffeine, you will want to skip this one. However, for those trying to kick coffee altogether, you will find this is a perfect alternative. Fusion’s 100% organic CBD capsules for energy and focus help you stay concentrated for longer while boosting your energy levels. Unlike coffee, energy drinks, or other highly caffeinated beverages, pure CBD capsules offer extended benefits to keep you energized for longer – without the sugar crash or the shakes.

How Much CBD To Take Each Day

Each CBD product offers its own suggested dose per day. It’s important that you take care to understand how much you are taking each day – especially if you are using different products. If you’re trying to keep up with your usual coffee intake, using CBD oil is great because you can use up to 30 drops a day. Adding multiple drops to your beverage replacement is a perfect alternative to coffee. But note that you can always contact us if you have any questions about the daily dosage of a CBD product. We will be happy to advise.

If you’re used to drinking coffee each day, start by switching to decaf and adding CBD oil to each usual cup you would drink throughout the day. Make your decaf the same way you would make your regular coffee. Slowly eliminate a cup a day and switch it out with your coffee alternative. Soon enough, you will see the benefits of swapping your coffee with CBD.